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  1. Open Grepolis and the Intel site, you must be logged into both for this to work.
  2. Now open a new tab, you should now have three open.
  3. While under the new tab do the following.

Click View in the menu bar.

Under Toolbars, make sure Bookmarks Toolbars has a check next to it.

You should now see the Bookmarks Toolbar

Right click on the Bookmarks Toolbar and you will get a menu.
Select New Bookmark.

Now a Pop Up Dialog Box will appear.
You need to fill out the form.

NAME: Name it whatever you like, I named mine Reports
Location and Tags: You must cut and paste this in both boxes.

Note: Put on one line

Click Add

Now you should have a new button on your Bookmarks Toolbar named whatever you called it.

To use this tool you must be logged into both Grepolis and the Intel page.
In the game if you have a report open just click the new button you made.